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Yield Microelectronics Corp. (YMC) ,located in Taiwan Chu-Pei city,is a specialized embedded logic multiple-time non-volatile memory (NVM) IP provider,whose NVM intellectual property (IP) technology is Ymtp.

YMC’s innovative NVM IP products are licensed to design houses,allowing to integrate crucial non-volatile memory with analog and digital functionality on a single chip.Furthermore,YMC also has collaborated with the world’s leading semiconductor foundries to develop comprehensive and advanced IP solutions to expand the versatility of silicon-proven in order to serve the existing and potential customers.

YMC’s NVM IP owns competitive cell and macro size,adopting logic-based architecture,featuring the scalability and porting easily to different technology and process with LG (logic) , HV (high-voltage) , mixed-mode , BCD (bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) and so on.

YMC’s goal is looking forward to working closely with customers to achieve the most flexible bilateral interaction and commit all the time providing the most advanced,the best price-performance silicon as well as sophisticated solutions to meet the specific requirement.YMC firmly ensures the best quality and cost-competitive to bring benefits to customers in time.