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YMC and MagnaChip Collaborate to Deliver 0.13um BCD & MS Non-volatile Memory IP

HSINCHU, Taiwan, May , 2018 -- Yield Microelectronics Corporation (“YMC”), a world leading Taiwan-based specialty IP provider and MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (“MagnaChip”) (NYSE: MX), a Korea-based leading semiconductor foundry today announced that they have expanded their IP partnership, to include 0.13um BCD & MS Multiple Time Programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP). The 0.13um MS technology will make the size of memory IP become unprecedentedly small.

MagnaChip and YMC had developed powerful process on 0.35um and 0.18um nodes for the past few years. Now, they are dedicated to 0.13um process suited for embedded applications such as Autofocus driver, Power Management IC, etc. YMC will provide enhanced IP vendor services to its global customers through competitive IC designs and NVM performance targeted at next generation mobile and industrial applications.

There are several primary advantages of this 0.13um Mixed Signal (MS) MTP solution, including outstanding read/write operating range down to 1.65V, high reliability due to great construction of dual cell and ECC design, and also the size of 1K bits IP can be 0.061 mm2. In addition, on 0.13um Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process, YMC has 16K*32 MTP + 1K EEPROM IP with ECC design, access time can be 40ns in high speed mode. In the near future, YMC and MagnaChip will collaborate to achieve “Automotive” class memory.
“The continued collaboration between MagnaChip and YMC has produced greater innovation and variety in the types of MTP solutions being offered to customers,” said Daniel Huang, the YMC’s President. “YMC sees its continued strategic partnership with MagnaChip as a long-term benefit to both YMC’s and MagnaChip’s customers.”
Magnachip quote
"We are delighted to continue this valuable partnership with Taiwanese IP solution leader YMC,” said YJ Kim, Chief Executive Officer of MagnaChip. “We believe our collaboration will lead to even more cost-efficient, high-functioning NVM solutions to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of global foundry customers for a growing number of diverse applications.”

About MagnaChip Semiconductor
MagnaChip is a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor platform solutions for communications, IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. The Company’s Standard Products Group and Foundry Services Group provide a broad range of standard products and manufacturing services to customers worldwide. MagnaChip, with over 30 years of operating history, owns a portfolio of approximately 3,200 registered patents and pending applications, and has extensive engineering, design and manufacturing process expertise. For more information, please visit

About Yield Microelectronics Corporation
Yield Microelectronics Corporation (YMC), located in Taiwan’s Chu-Pei city, is a specialized embedded logic multiple-time non-volatile memory (NVM) IP provider. YMC’s innovative NVM MTP-IP products are licensed to design houses and semiconductor foundries, allowing them to integrate crucial non-volatile memory with analog and digital functionality on a single chip. YMC’s NVM IP is characterized by its competitive cell and macro size, adopts logic-based architecture and features the scalability and ease of porting for different technologies and processes such as logic, high-voltage, mixed-mode, bipolar-CMOS-DMOS and many others. For more information, please visit