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Ymtp (Multiple - Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory) IP

YMC’s embedded MTP IP owns multiple times of program/erase operation,adopting logic-based structure,and easily ported to different technology and process including logic,mixed mode,high voltage, and BCD.The MTP IP possesses byte read / byte write function.It generally is built to higher density IP ranging from 8K bits up to 1M bits.

Ymtp can be a high endurance (program / erase) NVM IP, generally 10K and even up to 100K. It is developed from low density ( 8 bits ) up to middle density ( 16K bits ).

Ymtp also features wide range of read voltage, low to 1.0V (LV).Unlike typical EPROM, Ymtp implements erase function by electrical mechanism internally instead of requiring costly UV(ultraviolet) light. Charge pumping isn’t integrated into IP inside for the purpose of reducing overall IP size. While operating write function, external high voltage supply (Vpp) is needed. The density of Ymtp is lower, ranging from 8 bits up to 1024 bits.

Utilization Field
Ymtp executes excellent functionality in order to store program code on SoC applications.
It substitutes for external flash for cost and security purpose.
It can replace traditional mask ROM or OTP.
Ymtp possesses extraordinary functionality for storing ID and parameter on SoC applications.
To be used to access the value of security ID or encryption keys for protection in on-line update.
It keeps the code to calibrate the performance of display.
It replaces external EEPROM for cost and security to store the value such as redundancy code, handshake ID and configuration settings.
Ymtp owns comprehensive features for storage of setting and parameter on SoC applications.
It can be upgraded from typically metal/poly/laser fuse field, as below. Without traditional trimming operation, it can set parameter to adjust after packaging or on system side.
It is for storage of digital configuration parameters.
It has multiple times programmable function for convenience.
The program yield can be improved
It stores the value to fine tune the accuracy of voltage and current in power management IC
The parameter stored is to calibrate the performance like color, contrast and scan frequency in display application.
Key Feature
Density : 8bits ~ 1024Kbits
Read voltage : low to 1.0V (LV)
Write mode : Byte / Word write
Read mode : Byte / Word read
HV: internal charge pump/ External HV(Vpp)
Access time: fast to 25ns
Endurance : 100 / 1K / 10K (depends on process or foundry)
Data retention : 10 years @125C
Temperature range : range from -40~125C